Owner-Builder Program

Owner-Builder Program
Our Mission is to be your trusted, one stop destination for home building and improvement. Our business is focused around our consulting tools and the related services that allow you to build or improve on your own at a reasonable cost while maintaining control of the project. 
We've helped people like you for over 15 years and know how to get the job done. Our tools and consultants will show you how every step of the way. We guide you from start to finish, providing you with assistance and resources - from finding land to build your new house on through your final building inspections. You save money while we assist you with plans, permits, obtaining financing, locating approved subcontractors, site inspections and more. 

Your PWH consultant will show you itemized bids from qualified suppliers and subcontractors for each item in your home construction project. 

We can help you oversee the entire remodeling or home-building process. Our full range of services include: 

- Construction Planning

- Site Preparation

- Cost Estimating

- Financing

- Permit Application

- On-site Consultations

- Building Manual

- Qualified Subcontractors

- 12 Hour Phone Access
By using our Complete System for Owner-Builders. You can build your dream house for less than you dreamed possible! We Offer You: 

Construction Planning and On-site Consultation. You don't have to know how to build a house. We will help you. We prepare detailed construction calendars at each stage of your home building or remodeling process, clearly outlining the next tasks you will need to perform. We also visit the site regularly to answer questions and help you stay assured that your home construction work always meets your, and PWH's, high standards. 

Qualified Subcontractors. You will have access to a select group of highly skilled subcontractors. We provide only those who have a strong, proven track record in home construction and offer you good value for your money. Of course, you may also select your own subcontractor for any part of your home construction project. 

Financing. Banks traditionally do not finance owner-builder projects but with PWH they do! Banks have often been reluctant to loan money to owner builders because of uncertainty about the owner's house construction knowledge and skills. PWH has a successful track record helping owners build their own houses, and we work closely with you to help you produce a professionally constructed, high quality home, so banks are much more willing to grant loans for your project when you team with us. 

Permit Application. We consult with you, review the information you will need to have, and help you with the forms you will need to submit for your building permits. 

Cost Estimating. We provide you with detailed bids and cost estimates for all phases of your home construction project. 

Property Review. Your construction consultant will review and evaluate your home in a remodel project or the land you are considering when building a new home. 

Plans. Whether you need stock plans or want the services of a qualified designer or architects, PWH can help. We will assist in making sure the plans you pick meet your budget and usage needs. 

12 Hour Phone Access. You will have 12 hour access to your building consultants during every step of your home construction process. We're just a phone call away.

Save Time 

Many people don't become owner-builders because they believe the job to be complex and time-consuming. PWH can make the project manageable and make it happen more quickly. Our system keeps you informed about the process of building a home so you know when to contact the plumber and carpenter.

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